Faratec® GRP pipes are manufactured using a continuous filament winding process using a steel mandrel band. The width of the mandrel band determines the inner diameter of the pipe. All the processes are monitored electronically and controlled by PLC in the main computer. The processes are tested and designed to produce pipes of highest quality and standards with cost efficiency.

Standards and Quality Control

Farassan has one of the largest and most complete GRP technology development centers in the worlds. Its R&D and testing center is one f the leading licensing centers in GRP piping technology. All FARATEC® pipe designs are subjected to various short and long term tests as required by international standards. The long term tests ensure the minimum safe service life of 50 years.

The short-term tests include:

  • Joint qualification,
  • Tensile strength,
  • Elastic modules-poisson ratio,
  • Drinking water and
  • Fire tests

The long-term tests include:

  • Pressure,
  • Ring bending,
  • Corrosion,
  • Creep, and
  • Erosion

FARATEC® pipes meet all the relevant ASTM, ISO and AWWA standards for GRP pipes systems manufacturing.
All the raw material are inspected and tested for physical properties according to international standards prior to acceptance. Furthermore, all pipes are subject to hydro and pressure tests to ensure performance at up to two times the rated pressure.
All batches of pipes are also tested for the various short-term tests prior to release for shipping.