FARATEC® GRP pipes have been in use since 1992. They have been installed and in service in some of the toughest environmental conditions in the world with the lowest downtime and maintenance requirement compared to other piping materials. The pipes are manufactured in diameters ranging from 25-4000mm, and stiffness classes 2500, 5000 and 10000 N/m2, pressure ratings up to 32 bars, and working temperature ratings of up to 160˚C.

The GRP pipes can be manufactured using a variety of different resin material including polyester (isophethalic and orthophethalic), vinylester, and expoxy. They can be produced as uniaxial or biaxial pipes to suite project specific requirements.

Polyester resins are primarily used in water and sewerage transport in underground installations. Vinyl Ester resins are often used for aboveground and industrial applications providing excellent chemical resistance to a broad range of chemicals while having the benefits of high mechanical strengths at lower costs compared to the Epoxy resin. The Epoxy resin is the most expensive resin material used with applications in oil and gas projects providing high chemical resistance and mechanical strengths.

FARATEC® pipes’ internal corrosion barrier can be varied to suit the application specifications, and abrasion resistant GRP linings are also available for flue gas slurry handling.