About Us

Excel Pipes Sdn Bhd is the experts in GRP piping systems serving the various liquid transport needs of the water, sewerage and other industrial applications in South East Asia.

We have partnered with Farassan™ Manufacturing and Industrial Company, one of the leading GRP manufacturers in the world, to provide FARATEC® GRP pipe systems and related technologies in SE Asia. Our products include all GRP piping systems (pipes, joints and fittings) as well as GRP manholes, and FRP tanks. Excel Pipes in partnership with Farassan also offers services in project engineering consulting to optimize project cost and performance; project supervisory services for loading and unloading as well as installation and final testing, and training services.

Farassan is part of FARABARD™ Holding Group comprising of nine companies in pipe system manufacturing, material supply, technology development, engineering and installation. Farassan has production lines manufacturing FARATEC® GRP pipes, joints and fittings in Iran, Turkey (Grandpipes Industry and Trading Company), and Algeria. The company exports its pipes to countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. FARATEC® Technology Center is Farassan’s technology development arm boasting one of the world’s most advanced GRP research and technology development centers.

FARATEC® GRP pipe systems have been approved in Malaysia for water and sewerage applications by National Water Services Commission, SPAN (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara).