• Excel Pipes provides GRP pipe systems, GRP pipe manufacturing technologies and engineering consultancy and services for your fluid transfer needs.

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  • FARATEC® GRP pipes, joints and fittings are in use in water & sewerage transport projects, cooling network systems in geothermal lines, petrochemical plants, power plants, offshore platforms, and in pipe jacking and micro-tunneling.

  • Excel Pipes supplies FARATEC® GRP pipes for underground and aboveground applications, specifically designed to meet the project needs in accordance with relevant international standards.


Excel Pipes: Experts in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Pipes in ASEAN

Our Products


Excel Pipes offers FARATEC® GRP pipes for underground (uniaxial) and aboveground (biaxial) applications for transport of water, sewerage, and corrosive liquids.

Joints and Fittings

We offer two types of joints, flexible joints (REKA coupling) and restrained joints (glued). FARATEC® restrained joints are used primarily in applications where hoop and axial support are needed at the joints.


FARATEC® tanks are designed for specific applications using different resin systems. Applications include storage of water, sewage sludge, general effluent, liquid fertilizer, brine, petroleum products and highly corrosive chemicals.


We manufacture GRP manholes and manhole covers as per project needs. The manholes are primarily used in sewerage projects and can be manufactured in diameters up to 4000 mm.

Advantages of GRP Pipes

Corrosion resistant

No cathodic protection required

Smooth inner pipes, less loss of pressure

Lower pumping requirement

Lengths of up to 12m

More than 50 years service life

Easy to transport

Easy to install

Low maintenance cost


Excel Pipes offers project engineering consulting to optimize performance and costing, on-site training on installation and maintenance, on-site supervision of installation and final testing.


FARATEC® GRP pipes are manufactured using state of the art, fully computerized continuous filament winding technology.

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